Cline & Kathryn Hamrick

Boiling Springs, NC

PHOTO GALLERY -- Click on links below to see early photos of the construction phase, begun Feb. 6, 2001. We moved into the house October 13, 2001.

FLOOR PLANS -- A copy of the floor plans, with our edits, are at the bottom of this page.

We built what is known as the "Brookgreen Cottage." This cottage was designed by Southern Living, as part of Brookgreen Gardens, south of Myrtle Beach, SC.

We will be happy to communicate with you about our experience building the Brookgreen. If you would like information about the minor changes we made or about the resources used in the model cottage, e-mail us.

The house and garage in early stages
Bricking the garage - May 2001
Breezeway we designed to connect the house & garage
The back of the house. First floor is the den; the second floor windows are at the loft/study.
The completed house
Kitchen and dining area
We built a den on the back rather than a porch

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